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Periodontal Therapy in Dallas, TX

Most Americans experience some form of periodontal disease, often without realizing it. Periodontal disease is chiefly responsible for adult tooth loss, bleeding gums, bad breath, and receding gums. It has also been linked to diabetes. Furthermore, those with periodontal disease are twice as likely to develop heart disease. The truth is, periodontal disease is easily prevented with proper hygiene, home care, and professional treatment. If diagnosed in its early stages, gum disease treatments are easier, less invasive, and more effective. Your visit to Dr. Hamlett includes a complete evaluation of your gums and supportive structures, and you will have access to advanced periodontal therapy to heal and restore your oral health.

The following treatment is included in your periodontal maintenance appointment:

Often, the first treatment option is active periodontal treatment (root planning and scaling). This extensive cleaning treatment is provided by the hygienist for patients who have hard and soft deposits that embed in the teeth, tissue, and bone supporting the teeth, as well as embedded bacteria and toxins buried below the gum line on the tooth. When hard and soft deposits attach to your tooth below the gum line, they pull the gum tissue away from the tooth, creating the deep pocket. The deposits must be removed so that the gingival tissue can heal and close the pocket. If not treated, the deposits and bacteria will begin to cause gum disease and deteriorate your bone, tissue, and teeth.

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